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Stress och spänning

The Swedish Spike Mat relieves tension and helps you relax

Use The Swedish Spike Mat to fast and easy wind down whenever you feel tensed or stressed. Use it during a break at work or at home after a stressful day. Use it in the sofa, in the bed or on the floor whenever needed. 

The oxytocin is the body's own "happiness drug"
Oxytocin is our soothing hormone. It is excreted during breastfeeding, massage, meditation, a walk, exercise, dance, a good dinner etc. When oxytocin levels increase, the stress hormone levels in your body decrease. Oxytocin makes us more extraverted and trusting, it improves our work memory and our body's healing. Broken or worn tissues are repaired and new cells growth activated. Our pain threshold is raised, blood pressure decreases and anxiety attenuated. Large doses of oxytocin make us drowsy. That is why we often refer to the body's own "happiness drug" when talking about oxytocin.

(Kerstin Uvnäs-Moberg Swedish scientist in physiology. Please read her book "Calm and touch").

The Swedish Spike Mat and Relaxation
An explanation model for pain relief is that the pressure of the spikes on the back activates the production of the bodily endorphins and oxytocin. Endorphins are the body's natural "painkillers" that is released when, for instance when exercising. The oxytocin is the body's soothing hormone. When the body releases these hormones, you get relaxed and you feel less pain. Use The Swedish Spike Mat to treat tight and sore muscles. During relaxation, the body has a greater opportunity to heal and recover.

We recommend the Swedish Spike Mat Flex. Use with only a thin t-shirt or without.  

Flex limegröm We recommend the Swedish Spike Mat Flex for pure relaxation. Svenska Spikmattan Flex mörkgrön Svenska Spikmattan Flex blå