The Whole Back

The Swedish Spike Mat

Manufactured in Sweden and made of medical-grade plastic

Relieves pain, reduces stress and tension, helps to relax and improves sleep

Used for:
– Lumbago
– Pain and stiffness
– Sleeping problems
– Sciatica
– Sore muscles
– whiplash
– fibromyalgia

Available in 3 different types
CLASSIC The original. Made of hard plastic to give a powerful acupressure effect.
MEDIUM New. Intermediate for those who want a slightly less intense acupressure effect than Classic provides. Medium fits everyone but is especially suitable for those who have not used acupressure mats earlier.
FLEX Made of softer plastic for those who want a milder acupressure effect or just for pure relaxation and better sleep.
COMBI The Spike Mat made up of a Classic and a Flex part for those who want to vary the acupressure effect. You turn it depending on where you want more or less pressure.

How should I use the Swedish Acupressure Mat? Lie on the Swedish Spike Mat 20-40 minutes each day or when needed. Place the mat on the couch, bed or on the floor. It should be “pleasurable painful” the first 5-7 minutes and then it turns into a warm relaxing feeling and you experience a comfortable calm. It is not dangerous to fall asleep on the mat.

The Swedish Spike Mat can be used regardless if you are sensitive to pain or not. Use a t-shirt or a fabric the first time to regulate the pressure and find the level that suits you. Using the mat without clothing is not a goal in itself. The placement and the length of the 15 mm plastic pegs makes the Swedish Spike Mat takes in depth.

For increased comfort, we recommend a rolled small towel placed underneath your sway-back and shoulders. This creates a more even contact for the entire back portion. Place your legs high up to increase the pressure. – Experiment!

How should I take care of the Swedish Acupressure Mat?

The Swedish Acupressure Mat is very easy to wash. Place it in the shower and rinse off with warm water. Detergent and soap and can be used when needed. Always keep the acupressure mat lying down with the pegs downward or hang it up using a hook with the pegs against the wall.

Available as Classic, Medium, Flex and Combi and in different fresh colors. Size: Length 64 cm x Width 40 cm Guarantee 10 years. Our acupressure products are manufactured in medical-grade plastics in Sweden since 2005. The pegs are 15 mm high and are at an optimal distance. Therefore the Swedish Acupressure works deeply.