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The History Of The Swedish Spike Mat

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Susanna Lindelöw, Susanna Lindelöw, inventor and manufacturer of the Swedish Spike Mat.



Why use the Swedish Spike Mat?

The difference between the Swedish Spike Mat and mats made of fabric.

The Swedish Spike Mat; consists of 640 blunted pegs that are 15 mm long. The length of the pegs and the distance between them provides deep pressure.
Fabric Spike Mats; have between 5000-8000 nibs which is 4 mm long. The nibs are closely placed and therefore gives a more shallow pressure.

The Swedish Spike Mat; the length and distance of the pegs make it possible to suppress the pressure with a t-shirt or fabric without losing the effect. Therefore it is suitable for everyone regardless if you are sensitive to pain or not.
Fabric Spike Mats; since the nibs are short and placed closely it is not possible to adjust the pressure with a fabric without losing the effect. Used without clothing.

The Swedish Spike Mat; made of medical-grade plastic which also is used within healthcare. The plastic is allergy tested and free of harmful plasticizers.
Fabric Spike Mats; made of cotton fabric filled with foam rubber and glued “flowers” with nibs made of plastic. Fabric, filling, plastic, and adhesive varies between different brands.

The Swedish Spike Mat; since it is entirely made of plastic it is easily washable which makes it hygienic. Rinse off in water up to 60 degrees. Detergent for dishwashing, soap and/or alcohol can also be used if needed.
Fabric Spike Mats; hand-wash only in lukewarm water, a little detergent for washing clothes can be used. Wash carefully so the “flowers” does not come off.

The Swedish Spike Mat; the durable material makes the Swedish acupressure mat can withstand frequent use over many years. 10 years warranty.
Fabric Spike Mats; consists of fabrics, foam rubber, and adhesives that can be worn and broken during frequent use.

The Swedish Spike Mat; manufactured in Sweden by environmentally friendly recyclable TPE plastic, which makes it both quality and environmentally sustainable. The plastic itself is also manufactured in Sweden.
Fabric Spike Mats; Manufactured in India or China.

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