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Band small

Relieves tight or aching arm muscles

Used for:
- Muscle tightness
- Muscle soreness

Choose between CLASSIC and FLEX

The original. Made of hard plastic to give a powerful acupressure effect. Used with or without clothing.

Made out of a softer plastic, for those who want a more soft acupressure effect. Recommended using without clothing.

How to useBand Small
Tighten the black bands so that the band stays tight without the blood flow being stripped. Clothing or fabric dampens the acupressure effect and is used to adjust the pressure. Use Band 20-40 minutes each day or when needed. It should be “pleasurable painful” the first 5-7 minutes and then it turns into a warm relaxing feeling. You can stand, lie or sit with the Band on. Walking around is not recommended.

Guarantee 10 years on. Our acupressure products are manufactured in medical-grade plastics in Sweden since 2005. The pegs are 15 mm high and are at an optimal distance. Therefore the Swedish Acupressure works deeply.