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General information
The Swedish Spike Mat can be used by people of all ages. However, we do not recommend that children under 5 years stay on the nail mat. Children using the nail mat should do so under adult supervision. Those who want a milder acupressure effect take clothes or a thin fabric between them. Svenska Spikmattan is used for 20-40 minutes each time, every day or when needed. You will find detailed instructions under each product.

Since treatment with the Swedish Spikmattan (for back or disc) may lower blood pressure, you should slowly rise after use. Those who take antihypertensive medicines should check blood pressure on regular use, so that one may. Deduction of the medication can be done.

Always ask your doctor if you are not sure before using spike food products.

- Do not stand on spike mats
- Do not lay on your stomach on spike mats
- Do not lay your face on spike mats
- Do not use spike mats while driving a vehicle as you may get drowsy and/or fall asleep.
- Do not use on damaged skin

Specific information
If you suffer from any of the following, it is important that you read the following information.
- coagulation defects
- severe eczema or skin damage
- psoriasis
- psychosis or schizophrenia
- MS, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy etc.
- loss of attention
- pregnant until the 4th month

People with sensitive skin should be careful and always have a fabric or a T-shirt when they start using nail mats.

Persons with coagulation defects (Hemorrhagic Illness) or people undergoing coagulation inhibitors (blood thinners) should not start using a nail pad without consulting a physician first, as in some cases there is a risk of skin bleeding and bruising. These people should use a nail pad with fabric or clothing. For the first time, it is also advisable to use the nail for a shorter period than initially recommended.

People with allergic rheumatoid arthritis and those with generalized psoriasis should take great care and always use fabric or clothing and use the nail mat for less time than initially recommended, after which they can find optimal treatment times.

Nail mats should not be used if you suffer from psychotic conditions.

Pregnant until the 4th month should not use the Swedish Spikmattan, based on the "precautionary principle".

People with MS, Parkinson's, Epileptics, etc. should use spik mats when they are alone when a spasm could cause injury.

People with neurological disturbances should always use fabrics.

Whiplash and chronic shoulder disorders
People with whiplash injury or the like can get out of bed and sometimes get sick of the neck at the beginning of the treatment period. This is because the neck is an important balance body. When you are chronically tight in your neck and shoulders, your muscles have "forced" your neck into a new position. Once the muscles become relaxed, a new balance will develop which can cause dizziness. This dizziness is harmless and will gradually disappear, as the muscles around the neck become less tense. Then lie about 15 minutes, every other day and increase usage as your dizziness / pain decreases.

Those who suffer from fibromyalgia are often pain sensitive and should use the Swedish Spike Mat FLEX, and use a T-shirt to suppress the acupressure effect.

Always store spiked food products with the spikes downwards or against a wall. Never let them face the pegs upwards. Keep out of reach of young children.

If necessary, spice food products are washed in the shower with hot water. Detergent or soap can be used as needed. The products also tolerate "spritas".

Always consult your doctor before using.

If you have any other questions about the use of the nail mat please contact us here!