Pain & Stiffness

Pain and Stiffness

The Swedish Spike Mat relieves pain and stiffness.

Use The Swedish Spike Mat every day or whenever needed.

Pain and stiffness in back, neck and shoulders.
If a certain muscle region always is tensed due to e.g. hard physical work, static work, working with computers, general stress or anxiety, your muscles never have gets in rest position to recover. This can lead to pain and/or chronic pain. It is only when the muscles are relaxed, in rest position, that they are able to recover and rebuild the damaged muscle fibers.

The Swedish Spike Mat and Pain Relief
An explanation model for pain relief is that the pressure of the spikes on the back activates the production of the bodily endorphins and oxytocin. Endorphins are the body’s natural “painkillers” that is released when, for instance when exercising. The oxytocin is the body’s soothing hormone. When the body releases these hormones, you get relaxed and you feel less pain. Use The Swedish Spike Mat to treat tight and sore muscles. During relaxation, the body has a greater opportunity to heal and recover.

Pain is our body’s warning system, a signal that something is wrong. Sometimes we ignore these signals or we are unable to change or affect what is causing the pain. Then the pain can turn into chronic pain. If you have persistent pain for more than three months, you are considered to have chronic pain. Do you often experience pain? Unfortunately, you are not alone. According to Statistics Sweden (SCB), over 63% of the adult population is suffering from pain in neck, shoulders, back and joints.

Pain causes stress on your body
Pain, mental, physical or inflammatory stress increases the body’s production of adrenaline, cortisol and noradrenaline – the body’s stress hormones. A prolonged elevated level of cortisol (more than 4 hours) degrades the immune system, increases blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and also makes us more sensitive to pain. High levels of cortisol also affect metabolism, which leads to an increase of abdominal fat.

The elevated level of noradrenaline creates muscle tension and aching muscles and joints. The body is under high pressure. In addition, oxytocin levels decrease. When the oxytocin decreases, the levels of the harmful stress hormones increase and you are in a vicious circle. PAIN-STRESS-PAIN-STRESS.

We recommend The Swedish Spike Mat Classic or Combi. Used with a T-shirt, a thin fabric or bar for anyone who wants an extra powerful acupressure effect.

Vi rekommenderar Svenska Spikmattan Classic eller Combi.
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