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The Swedish Spike Mat Disc

Perfect for the trip.

A smaller version which you can easily bring with you.
Reduce pain and stiffness, helps you relax and get better sleep. 

Used for:
- lumbago
- muscle tightness
- muscle soreness
- sleeping problems / insomnia
- sciatica
- whiplash
- fibromyalgia

Choose between CLASSIC or FLEX

The original. Made of hard plastic to give a powerful acupressure effect. Used with or without clothing. The size of disc makes it perfect to use in all type of chairs. See examples below.

Made of softer plastic for those who wants a milder acupressure effect. Recommended to use while lying down and without clothing.

How to use the Swedish Spike Mat Disc?
Lie on the Swedish Spike Mat 20-40 minutes each day or when needed. Place the mat on the couch, in bed or on a chair.

When lying down:
Place the disc underneath the part of your back where you have pain or are stiff. It should be “pleasurable painful” the first 5-7 minutes and then it turns into a warm relaxing feeling and you experience a comfortable calm. It is not dangerous to fall asleep on the mat.

The Swedish Spike Mat can be used regardless if you are sensitive to pain or not. Use a t-shirt or a fabric the first time to regulate the pressure and find the level that suits you. Using the mat without clothing is not a goal in itself. The placement and the length of the 15 mm plastic pegs makes the Swedish Acupressure mat takes in depth. The pegs can not pierce your skin.

When sitting up: 
When placing the disc in a chair the acupressure effect will be milder compared to lying down. It is perfect to use on the couch or in your office chair.

Guarantee 10 years on. Our acupressure products are manufactured in medical-grade plastics in Sweden since 2005. The pegs are 15 mm high and are at an optimal distance. Therefore the Swedish Acupressure works deeply.