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The Swedish Spike Mat For Shoulders

Relieves stiff and tense neck and shoulders.

Used for:
- Muscle tightness
- Sore muscles
- Whiplash

How to use:
Static work and working with computers cause muscle and joint problems. Use the mat every day or when necessary at least 20 min per time. It should be “pleasurable painful” the first 5-7 minutes and then it turns into a warm relaxing feeling and you experience a comfortable calm. Can be used with a T-shirt or without clothing, depending on how pain sensitive you are.

Wear the acupressure mat as a back-pack and then place your forearm in the straps. This creates the weight needed to make the mat press against your shoulders. By placing your arms differently - forward or backward - you can vary the pressure on your shoulders.

For backs wider than 45 cm.

For backs smaller than 45 cm.

Guarantee 10 years on parts made of plastic and 1 year on straps and buckles. Our acupressure products are manufactured in medical-grade plastics in Sweden since 2005. The pegs are 15 mm high and are at an optimal distance. Therefore the Swedish Acupressure works deeply.