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The Swedish Spike Mat For Feet

Relieves cold or aching feet

Used for:
- Tired and aching feet
- Cold feet or lower leg
- Swollen ankles and feet
- plantar fasciitis

How to use:

Use 15-20 minutes each day or when needed. The dark green mid-section of the mat has elevations to treat both high and low arches. The mat can be used with or without socks. Using a fabric between the mat and skin dampens the pressure. Sit down on a chair or sofa and place your feet according to any of the 3 positions displayed in the pictures. It should be “pleasurable painful” the first 5-7 minutes and then it turns into a warm relaxing feeling. Too boost stimulation “tread” like a cat against the mat.

Do not stand or walk on the mat. Only to be used while seated!

The Swedish Spike Mat can be used regardless if you are sensitive to pain or not. Use a socks or a fabric the first time to regulate the pressure and find the level that suits you. Using the mat without clothing is not a goal in itself. The placement and the length of the 15 mm  plastic pegs makes the Swedish Acupressure mat takes in depth. The pegs can not pierce your skin.

Guarantee 10 years on. Our acupressure products are manufactured in medical-grade plastics in Sweden since 2005. The pegs  are 15 mm high and are at an optimal distance. Therefore the Swedish Acupressure works deeply.

sittandes             Place your feet like shown below to reach the foot arch (lower). fotter            Place your feet like shown below to reach the foot arch (higher). Höga fotvalv                   Place your feet like shown below to treat heels and pads. Hälar och trampdynor Can be used with or without socks. fotspikmatta16 Close up on the elevations. närbild