General Instructions

General Instructions
The Swedish Spikemat can be used by people of all ages and weight.The products can be used with a thin t-shirt / a thin fabric in between the mat and your skin, or directly against bare skin. Try for yourself and find what suits best for you, this could also vary from time to time. There is no self-purpose to use The Spike Mat directly against bare skin, but if you do not think that sufficient effect is achieved with clothing, it can safely be used against bare skin. *read more about this further down.

Use the Swedish Spike Mat 20-40 minutes every day or whenever needed. There is no harm in using the Spikemat for a longer period of time or to fall asleep on it.

Since the Swedish Spike Mat can be used with or without clothing in between, it is also suitable for children. Children should use it under the supervision of an adult for correct usage. Many children enjoy using the Spike Mat before bedtime as it helps with relaxation and can make it easier to fall asleep.

Treatment with the Swedish Spike Mat can lead to decreasing the level of your blood pressure. Therefore, one should get up slowly. Those who take antihypertensive medication should check their blood pressure during regular use of the Swedish Spike Mat, so that a possible downward adjustment of the medication can be made if necessary.

Always ask your treating physician before starting treatment if you are unsure.

Keep in mind that
– You should not stand on spike mats
– You should not lay with your face against spike mats, since the skin on your face is thin and you might hurt your eyes
– You should not use spike mats when driving a vehicle because you may be drowsy or fall asleep
– You should not use spike mats on damaged skin

Always store spike mat products with the spikes turned downwards or against a wall. Keep out of reach of small children.

The Swedish Spike Mat can easily be cleaned, just rinse in the shower with warm or hot water. Detergent, soap or alcohol can also be used.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the usage of the Swedish Spike Mat or the use of spike mats in general, please contact us here!

Specific Information
If you suffer from any of the following, it is important that you read the information stated below “Important”.
– Coagulation defects and disorders
– Severe eczema or skin damage
– Psoriasis
– psychosis or schizophrenia
– Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy etc.
– Sensory loss
– Pregnant, first 4 months
– if you suffer from any chronic illness, always consult your physician before beginning treatment


– Those with sensitive skin should always be careful when using the Spike Mat and use clothing or a piece of fabric in between.
– Those with coagulation disorders or those treated with antiplatelets or anticoagulants should not begin treatment with the Swedish Spike Mat without consulting a treating physician, as in some cases there is a risk of skin bleeding and bruising. It is also recommended to always use clothing, or a fabric in between, it should not be used directly on bare skin. When starting to use the Spike Mat we also recommend using it for a shorter amount of time than initially recommended and to check for bruising after treatment.
– Those with allergic back eczema as well as those with general psoriasis should exercise great caution and always use clothing or a piece of fabric in between. We also recommend starting to use it for a shorter amount of time than initially recommended.
– Those with Psychotic disorders should not use the Spike Mat
– According to “the precautionary principle” we recommend not using the Spike Mat during the first 4 months of pregnancy.
– Those with Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy etc. should not use Spike Mats without supervision, since a spasm could cause injury.
– Those with sensory loss should always use the Spike Mat with clothing.

Whiplash injury and chronic neck pain
Those with Whiplash injury and similar, can experience dizziness and increased pain the first few times using a Spike Mat, but the dizziness usually subsides as the muscles around the neck become relaxed. We recommend starting to use the Spike Mat for 15 minutes every other day and slowly increase the usage as the dizziness and or pain subsides.

Those with Fibromyalgia, Hyperalgesia, or those hypersensitive to pain should use the Swedish Spike Mat FLEX or MEDIUM. It is also recommended to use clothing or a piece of fabric in between the mat and the skin to regulate the pressure.