About The Swedish Spike Mat

– I suffered from chronic back pain; Susanna Lindelöw, founder and developer of the Swedish Spike Mat.
For many years I had constant back pain and recurring lumbagos. I was treated by doctors and chiropractors, I stretched regularly, had massages and practiced weight training to strengthen my back muscles. Yes, I probably tried everything and at times my back was almost good, but sooner or later the lumbago always recurred and the pain never completely disappeared.

In the autumn of 2004 I read about the relaxing and pain-relieving properties of spike mats. I went out to buy one, but soon noticed that there was no spikemat on the market with the possibility to adjust the spikes pressure – not anywhere in the world. However, there were lots of instructions on how to make your own Indian fakir nail mat. In short, two masonite discs and hundreds of larger nails should be used. So I bought the masonite discs, hundreds of 5-inch nails and put together my own spike mat. Finally I tested it with a t-shirt on – and it worked! However, the iron nails where not that nice, so I began thinking of making spike-mat out of plastic instead.

Finally, I decided to make a nail mat with a number of properties:
· It would be gentle
· so not with the risk of piercing the skin.
· It would be able to use with clothing – with retained effect.
· It would be hygienic and easy to wash.
· It would be manufactured in Sweden and be environmentally friendly.

My back was good!
I used my nail mat several days a week and quickly noticed that the back pain disappeared. It felt a bit odd to lie on it in the beginning so therefore I used a T-shirt. I also became more relaxed and my night’s sleep was improved. After a month my back pain was almost completely gone and after three months I had no pain at all. – I’ve never had back pain ever since. I hope the Swedish Spikmattan can help you, as it helped me and many others!

From India to Malmö
In India, the nail mat or the fakir mat has been used by fakirs and yogis for relaxation exercises, meditation, and yoga for thousands of years. Much suggests that the pressure of the nails against your back causes the body to produce endorphins and oxytocin. Endorphins is a naturally occurring hormone that your body produces to ease pain and make you feel calm and happy. Different kind of behavior releases endorphin such as; exercise, falling-in-love, sex, kissing, cuddling and eating dark chocolate. It interacts with the opiate receptors in the brain and acts similar to drugs such as e.g. morphine, this gives pain relief and physical well-being. It can give a feeling of euphoria and make you feel buzzed or high.

Another substance that probably also is released when using the spikemat is Oxytocin, sometimes called the “love hormone”, because levels of oxytocin increase during hugging, orgasm and social bonding. Oxytocin created feelings of calm and closeness, makes you relax and therefore easier to fall asleep.

Susanna Lindelöw