Swedish acupressure with

The Swedish Spike Mat

Are you in pain?    Are you tense?

The Swedish Acupressure Mat provides pain relief, relaxation 
and helps you to fall asleep. 
It gives comfort to aching, tired muscles.

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Agents and partners
• You already work with quality products and want to supplement your range with acupressure products of high quality.

Body therapists
• You believe in products that can be a complement in your threatments.
• You want even more satisfied customers and more clients.
• You want to increase your revenue by offering high quality Acupressure Products.
• You feel sometimes that you would like to speak with somebody regarding marketing and sales.
• You have high ambitions with your business and want to help your clients with their well-being and quality of life.

For more information contact Mr. Michael Eldblom, Marketing and Sales, 
mikael.eldblom@spikemat.com or +46 737 30 40 80

The Swedish Spike Mat can help the following: lumbago, slipped discs, stiffness, sciatica, stress, chronic aches, "frozen shoulder", headaches, sleeping problems, 
whiplash, fibromyalgia etc.


CLASSIC (hard) for persons who want a heavy acupressure effect. Used with or without clothes.




FLEX (soft), for persons who want a milder acupressure effect or for pure releaxation.




  COMBI (a hard and a soft part), if you want to vary the acupressure effect.




Swedish Acupressure DISC

DISC is a smaller version of the Spikemat, wish is handy and easy to take with you.




Flex and Classic 

Practical and convenient for the home, work and the trip. For the couch, chair and the bed.













 Swedish Acupressure BAND


LARGE: Classic and Flex







 SMALL: Classic and Flex




 Swedish Foot Spike Mat


Foot Nail Mat: 15-20 minutes on the Foot Nail Mat relaxes and revives aching feet!

The only acupressure mat / "bed of nails" on the market which is easy on your body and which is user-adjustable in both effect and size. Made in Sweden. The Swedish Spike Mat  is patented and is CE marked.