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Foot Spike Mat


The Foot Spike Mat Relieves cold or aching feet. Increases blood circulation. The Foot Spike Mat can relieve plantar fasciitis.

Only to be used while seated! The mid-section of the mat has elevations to treat both high and low arches.

– to reach high arches
– to reach low arches
– to treat heels and pads
– use with or without socks

User’s Guide is included with the product.
Regulate the pressure of the spikes with socks or with a piece of fabric.

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The Swedish Foot Spike Mat

  • Measures: 30 cm x 40 cm. The height of the spikes 14-24 mm. The total height of the mat 27 mm.
  • Manufactured in Sweden out of made of medical-grade plastic.  The plastic is allergy tested and free of harmful plasticizers.
  • Instruction manual included.

20 years warranty.


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