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The Spike Mat Kit+Disc, Flex


The Perfect Kit to have at home and to bring on the trip.
The Spike Mat for your home and Disc for your travels.

The Swedish Spike Mat FLEX (soft) for you who wants a milder acupressure effect or to use for pure relaxation and better sleep.
Disc Flex in the same color.

User’s Guide is included with the product.
Convertible modular system in 2 modules. Adjust the pressure of the spikes with the use of fabric between the skin and the mat.

10 years warranty.


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Measures Spike Mat: H 64 x W 40 x 1,8 cm. Spikes length 1,5 cm.

Measures Disc: 27×27 cm.  Spikes length: 1,5 cm.

Manufactured in Sweden out of made of medical-grade plastic. The plastic is allergy tested and free of harmful plasticizers.


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Lime green, Light blue